The Impact of Asbury Awakening Continues a Year Later – “A Stunning View of God”

The Impact of Asbury Awakening Continues a Year Later: “A Stunning View of God”

The Impact of Asbury Awakening Continues a Year Later – “A Stunning View of God”

It has been one year since the most significant religious revival in the United States in over half a century erupted at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. Despite its short duration of only two weeks and two days, its impact reverberated far and wide, not only within the campus but also across the globe.

According to Asbury President Dr. Kevin Brown, even after a year, there remains a palpable sense of anticipation in the atmosphere. The students’ hunger for spiritual growth persists, propelling them forward. They actively engaged in sharing their experiences, with more than 50 groups venturing out to various ministries and churches, both domestically and internationally.

For a span of 16 consecutive days and nights, students and others gathered to worship and immerse themselves in the divine presence. What initially began as a student-led prayer during a scheduled service on February 8, 2023, blossomed into an extraordinary phenomenon.

“It was an overwhelming view of God”

“Prayer came alive for 20-year-old sophomore Riley McChord, as she described how God transformed her world into Technicolor. She witnessed physical healing, with cancer being miraculously removed from someone’s neck. She also experienced emotional and relationship healing, spending every waking moment with her boyfriend and two other girls for two weeks. This overwhelming encounter with God revealed His goodness, mercy, grace, and steadfastness, giving her a glimpse of what heaven could be like. Caleb Rushing, another 20-year-old student, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the new and profound way he experienced God’s love. Despite feeling unworthy, he was met with grace and compassion. Pastor Zach Meerkreebs, who preached on the first day, initially underestimated the significance of the events unfolding. However, as time went on, he realized the special nature of what was happening. A year later, the atmosphere on campus still reflects the transformative power of God. Students are seeking authentic, long-term change, desiring holiness and a genuine relationship with the Lord. This pursuit of a meaningful walk with God is truly remarkable.”

The transformation of the original 1850 Asbury House into a student prayer room resulted in another significant outcome. Emma Reid, the student body president, expressed that the outpouring of prayer has broken down barriers and misconceptions about God. She acknowledged the efforts of the student government and administration in ensuring that students felt welcomed and safe on campus.

Furthermore, the revival has brought Asbury University into the spotlight in various ways. The enrollment has increased by approximately 25% since 2023, with the largest freshman class in 25 years. Dr. Brown, a university representative, expressed satisfaction with the growing student numbers and anticipated continued strong enrollment in the upcoming year.

Moreover, the impact of the revival extended beyond the boundaries of Asbury University. Dr. Brown acknowledged the difficulty in quantifying its reach but emphasized the long-term effects on this generation. He highlighted the students who were drawn to the university and the influence of social media, but his focus remained on the lasting impact.

When asked about the possibility of another outpouring or revival, Dr. Brown admitted uncertainty but emphasized that it would not be a result of deliberate planning. He believed that such a phenomenon would occur solely at the Lord’s discretion.

Dr. Brown emphasized that revival cannot be contained or replicated. He acknowledged the human tendency to try and recreate past experiences but emphasized the uniqueness and spontaneity of genuine revival.

Additionally, Dr. Brown attributed the success of the revival to a pivotal generation that played a central role in its manifestation.

“During these 16 days, Generation Z was always represented at the altar. And on the very last day that we had a formal service together that I will never forget, someone stood in front of all these students, 1,500 Gen Zers in the room,” and said, “You will not be the generation that suffers from depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicidal thoughts.” And when we heard a scream from that group, someone said that if we had the spiritual eyes to see it, we would have seen an altar full of loosened chains. This is my heart. That’s the heart of the people around me, that this is a burdened generation, but God wants to use them and we need to invest in them,” Brown said.

Students like Riley McChord say they can’t believe it’s been a year since the shakeup and they’re looking forward to what God has in store next. “What happened on February 8th was just the catalyst for what is really happening and what is going to happen, and that was just the beginning,” McChord said.

Asbury University will hold a special one-year anniversary chapel service on Thursday evening, February 8th. The service is open to the congregation but will not be livestreamed.

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