Presidency Urged To Name Those Plotting Government Overthrow

Presidency Urged To Name Those Plotting Government Overthrow

Presidency Urged To Name Those Plotting Government Overthrow

Some Nigerians on Tuesday asked the presidency to publish names of those it said were planning to overthrow the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, while some respondents said the allegation was diversionary.

Special Adviser to the Pres­ident on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, had raised the alarm in Abuja that there was a grand plot by some oppo­nents of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led govern­ment to convene an illegal national conference, probably to pass a vote of no confidence on President Muhammadu Buhari with a view to over­throwing his government.

The presidency, although kept mum on the names, it went on to accuse religious leaders and past political leaders, saying they were planning to wreak havoc on the nation’s sovereignty and the corporate existence of the country.

It said working with for­eign elements, the disgrun­tled elements are trying to achieve what they could not during the last election and warned them that their action would be treasonable.

Reacting, Dr. Chukwue­meka Ezeife, former gover­nor of Anambra State, asked the presidency to publish names of those involved in the alleged plot to overthrow the government of President Buhari.

Ezeife told Daily Indepen­dent that it would be good if the presidency will publish the names of the people who are involved in the plot, so that Nigerians would know them and if possible they would join forces to appeal to them to drop the idea.

The former governor said, “If the presidency has the names of the people in­volved, as they have claimed, let them be bold to publish them. It will also give some Nigerians the opportunity to contact the people involved and plead with them to drop the idea. You know that Nige­ria is passing through a very difficult time now. If there is any new development they should make it public.”

Chief Ayo Adebanjo, na­tional leader of Afenifere, a socio-cultural organisation for the Yoruba people, said that the allegation to over­throw President Muhamma­du Buhari was diversionary.

The Afenifere leader said there was no government in the first place, let alone plot­ting to overthrow it, maintain­ing that it was all diversionary measure of the government.

Adebanjo said, “That was how the president’s aide, Femi Adesina, claimed that people were organising to pass a vote of no confidence on the government. Does anybody have confidence in him in this country? Nobody organised anything. They have no clue of what they are doing.

The best thing for them to do is to restructure the country now into federalism; if they don’t, they would continue to be haunted until they are tech­nically overthrown.”

He added, “Those people calling for restructuring are friends of the country. All those who say they don’t want restructuring are enemies of this country. We are calling for restructuring because we don’t want the country to break up. The only condition for the country not to break up is to revert to federalism. It is just a diversion for them to claim that some people are plotting to overthrow them.”

The National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Alex Ogbonnia, said Ohanaeze is not interested in undemocratic change of gov­ernment.

In a telephone interview with Daily Independent in Enugu on Tuesday, Ogbonnia said, “The people are worried and tired, so the president should act fast because all these agitations are part of in­justice, especially to the Igbo. Even though Ohanaeze has been preaching to our people to take it easy but the people are tired, worried and angry”.

He called on President Bu­hari to address the nation and ensure justice and fairness in his government.

Ohanaeze also called on the president to support the agitation of Igbo presidency, saying that “will solve the problem in the country be­cause Igbo are ready to turn stone into wealth and bring peace, unity and justice to the nation”.

The immediate past presi­dent of the Campaign for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), Malachy Ugwum­madu, stated that it is neither the business nor responsi­bility of Nigerian citizens to begin to consult for the president on security. “It is far beyond our responsibility as Nigerian citizens to con­firm what the president has said. He is the president of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the head of state, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of this country including the Department of State Services (DSS) and it is also a further burden to Ni­gerian citizens that the state that should protect them, ac­cording to the constitution, to begin to analyse that some ru­mour mill are plotting against him. If Mr. President already knows that some people are after him, he is supposed to have taken tactical measures including securing our coun­try”, he said.

Continuing, Ugwummadu said, “But as it stands today, what has happened is not ac­ceptable in the sense that they have left, and it is not in our interest to begin to find out how that is happening. The president should know that the citizens of this country are being killed every day and if all he can talk about is removal from office, I sym­pathise with him but the point is that Nigerian citizens, in­cluding students at different levels, are being killed and there is a deadline today that the remaining seventeen will be slaughtered and there are two corpse already to show that they are not just issuing empty threat.”

Hannibal Uwaifo, Presi­dent, African Bar Associa­tion (AFBA), in his reaction said, “The president is just deceiving himself because his policies are incoherent. His policies on security are not known, what is Nigerian pol­icy on terrorism, who is to be addressed as terrorist, is it an IPOB member or those that are killing people and going about the country with AK-47, all across the country? Who are the terrorists; is it the se­curity agencies or people who are going into IDP camps and invading farmlands to kill people?

“The government didn’t do anything about this and the government and those who are running it with him are dysfunctional. They have dif­ferent intentions.

The Federal Government does not even have any capac­ity to put anything together with his cabinet. The country is scattering everywhere and for him to have said some peo­ple are planning to unseat his government, when they want to unseat the government, what does the government do?

“You don’t make inflam­matory statement when you are the chief security officer of the country. How many people are dying in Nigeria today and who are the people killing them? So what is the role of the government? Can the Federal Government say they are in charge of securi­ty? No. Individuals are now providing security for them­selves as they are killing po­lice and military men right and centre and these are the same set of people that are supposed to be protecting Ni­gerians. That shows the gov­ernment is a total disgrace and irresponsible, so nobody is taking them serious.”

The allegation of over­throwing Buhari is coming few days after the presidency took on Father Mbaka, accusing him of soliciting for contracts in return for political support for the APC government.

According to Adesina: “Championed by some dis­gruntled religious and past political leaders, the intention is to eventually throw the coun­try into a tailspin, which would compel a forceful and undem­ocratic change of leadership.

“Further unimpeachable evidence shows that these dis­ruptive elements are now re­cruiting the leadership of some ethnic groups and politicians round the country, with the in­tention of convening some sort of conference, where a vote of no confidence would be passed on the president, thus throwing the land into further turmoil.

“The caterwauling, in re­cent times, by these elements, is to prepare the grounds ad­equately for their ignoble in­tentions, which are designed to cause further grief for the country.

“The agent provocateurs hope to achieve through arti­fice and sleight of hands, what they failed to do through the ballot box in the 2019 elec­tions.

“Nigerians have opted for democratic rule, and the only accepted way to change a democratically elected gov­ernment is through elections, which hold at prescribed times in the country.

“Any other way is patently illegal, and even treasonable. Of course, such would attract the necessary consequences.

“These discredited individ­uals and groups are also in ca­hoots with external forces to cause maximum damage in their own country.

“But the presidency, al­ready vested with mandate and authority by Nigerians till 2023, pledges to keep the country together, even if some unruly feathers would be ruffled in the process.”

PDP NASS Caucus, Others List Constitutional Breaches Of Buhari

Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) caucus and other minority parties in the upper and low­er chambers of the National Assembly have listed the con­stitutional breaches of Presi­dent Buhari.

The National Assembly mi­nority caucus also threatened to utilise all constitutional method at the appropriate time.

They said that the action became imperative to save the nation from collapse.

Speaking on behalf of the caucus on Tuesday, the Mi­nority Leader in the Senate, Enyinnaya Abaribe, said, “The caucus has also taken note of the fact that the pres­ident is absent from duty. We have not seen our president. We have not heard from our president despite the daily killings that have turned Ni­geria into a killing field of unimaginable proportions.

“Therefore, the caucus has taken note and will continue to take note of the constitutional breaches that is happening at this time by the government of the APC and will at the appropriate time utilise all constitutional methods and measures avail­able after consultations with our colleagues to do the need­ful to save the country from collapse.”

The caucus expressed very strong concern about the in­eptitude and the inability of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led government to ar­rest the drift to anarchy of the nation at this time.

“This APC-led government, at inception and during cam­paigns prior to 2015 elections, made promises to the Nigerian public, the first of which was that they were going to deal with security challenges with­in their tenure,” it said.

The caucus further lament­ed that instead of checkmat­ing insecurity, the APC-led government has further broadened it.

“Sadly and most unfor­tunately, from 2015 to date, rather than resolving the security situation, the APC-led federal government had rather broaden the security challenges.

“So, from the problems of the North-East, it has spread to other parts of the country. Virtually all parts of Nigeria is now beset with one security challenge or the other.

“We, therefore, as a caucus, suggest that immediate steps should be taken by govern­ments at all levels to set up proper security infrastructure whether in the mode of state police and other constitutional reforms to arrest the drift of the nation,” the caucus said.

Lamenting how the eco­nomic strategy of the APC government has led to in­flation, unemployment and others, the lawmakers said, “The caucus also expresses strong reservations about the economic strategy of the government which has cul­minated into what is called quantitative easing, which the ordinary man knows as printing money.

“We feel that this strategy has led us to the very high in­flation that we have today, de­valuation of our naira to the height that we never expected and has also concomitantly brought out unemployment and has led the government to contemplate, as we see today, to raise the price of fuel, elec­tricity tariff and all manners of charges on the helpless Nigerians.

“We think that the government should reverse itself and should not continue in its mindless borrowing without seeing any benefits that are coming from it.”

Disclosing how the lives of the opposition are been threatened for speaking truth to power, the caucus said, “We also, as a caucus, want to put on notice to all Nigerians and the international community about the threats to the lives of our members, to those who come out to say things that are true about the state of Nige­ria today, and this threats have come in various forms, including threat to life.

“We call on the APC gov­ernment that they were let and free to go around and say what they wanted, express themselves and were able to even do a march, a demonstration led by the president himself.”

PDP To Buhari: You’re Haunted By Your Shadow

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the Buhari administration has resorted to blackmail in the face of failure.

In a statement by the party spokesman, Kola Ologbondi­yan, the PDP said rather than taking charge and securing the nation, the presidency is busy engaging in frivolous allegations against Nigerians.

“It is however imperative to state that the Buhari presi­dency and the All Progressives Congress (APC) are being haunted by their own shadows as Nigerians know the persons as well as the political party with the history and penchant to scuttle democratically elect­ed government.

“Perhaps, the presidency has forgotten that in 1983, Brigadier Muhammadu Bu­hari, as he was then known, led a military coup to trun­cate a democratically elected government thereby causing our nation a huge drawback on democratic governance.

“Also, in 2015, the APC, which was hurriedly formu­lated, made itself available as a vehicle of brigandage to dis­rupt our political process by beguiling Nigerians and tak­ing power through violence, propaganda and falsehood.

“Even in 2019, Nigerians will be quick to remember how the APC imported ban­dits, vandals and thugs from neighbouring countries, as political mercenaries, to un­leash violence, disrupt our voting processes and muscle itself to power.

“The PDP therefore coun­sels the Buhari presidency and the APC to look inwards as all fingers toward any pos­sible plots to upturn our de­mocracy point to them,” the statement read.


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