Pastor Feyi Who Prophesied Against Tinubu Bags Life Imprisonment, Church Members Say Cleric Framed

Pastor Feyi

Pastor Feyi Who Prophesied Against Tinubu Bags Life Imprisonment, Church Members Say Cleric Framed

Pastor Feyi

Daniel Oluwafeyiro, the founder of “I Reign Christian Ministry,” has been sentenced to life imprisonment for rape and 3 years imprisonment for sexual assault by the Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court in Lagos. The court had previously remanded him at the Kirikiri Correctional Centre in April 2023, following rape charges brought against him by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice on behalf of his church members.

Despite pleading not guilty to the charges, the state’s lead prosecution counsel, Mr Babjide Boye, urged the court to convict the pastor, asserting that the allegations were true. Feyi, on the other hand, claimed that the rape allegations were false and politically motivated due to his predictions about the 2023 elections.

However, in his judgement on Friday, the trial judge, Rahman Oshodi, concluded that the evidence clearly demonstrated the pastor’s guilt. Consequently, he sentenced him to life imprisonment and stated that the sentences would run concurrently.

In response to the verdict, the Lagos State Commissioner for Justice announced on Twitter that Daniel’s name would be registered in the Sexual Offenders Register maintained by Lagos State.

The cleric gained attention due to his prophetic prediction to his congregation, stating that Bola Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress would be unlawfully declared as the winner of the 2023 presidential election by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

According to a statement from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Lagos, Dr. Babajide Martins, after reviewing the available facts in the case file, the DPP’s office believes that there is sufficient evidence to charge the suspect, Oluwafeyiropo Daniel, with the offense of rape under Section 260 of the Criminal Law, Ch C17, Vol.3, Laws of Lagos State, 2015.


The judge determined that the prosecution had successfully proven the charges of rape and sexual assault against Daniels beyond a reasonable doubt. Consequently, he ruled that Daniels should spend the rest of his life at the Kirikiri Custodial Facility in Lagos.

The judge noted that the testimony of the first prosecution witness was supported by the testimony of the third witness.

However, the judge acquitted Daniels of the charge of rape against another survivor, citing the presence of consent.

Additionally, Daniels was acquitted of the attempted rape charge against another member of his church.

The judge emphasized that Daniels showed a lack of regard for the truth and committed these offenses by exploiting his position as a pastor.

Justice Oshodi stated, “Oluwafeyiropo Daniels, I have found you guilty of sexually violating two women who were members of your church. You brutally raped the first victim, causing her immense pain. With the second victim, you sexually assaulted her, taking advantage of your position as a clergy.”

“These crimes are severe, with rape carrying a life imprisonment sentence and sexual assault punishable by three years’ imprisonment.”

The judge acknowledged the defense counsel’s request for leniency in sentencing but explained that the law in Lagos State mandates a specific sentence for rape.

“Due to the gravity and brutality of the attacks on your victims, I hereby sentence you as follows: life imprisonment for count one and three years’ imprisonment for count three. You will serve your sentence in the maximum security custodial center where you are currently held.”

The judge ordered that the sentences run concurrently and that Daniels’ name be registered in the Lagos State Sex Offender Registry.

When asked if he had anything to say following his conviction, the convict remained silent.

The defence counsel, during his plea for mercy, requested the court to show leniency and consider mercy in the judgment.

Adegbite informed the court that the defendant had no prior convictions and was a first-time offender.

He further stated that the defendant was the sole provider for his family and urged the judge to exercise discretion when determining the sentence.

However, the state prosecution team, led by Babajide Boye, insisted that the bishop should be convicted as charged.

Throughout the trial, the prosecution presented five witnesses, while the defence also called upon five witnesses who submitted various documents as evidence.

Boye argued that the defendant had raped his assistant pastor at her residence in Ikota Villa Estate in June 2020.

He also claimed that the defendant had sexually assaulted a church member by forcefully touching and sucking her breasts without her consent at the church’s office in Ikeja in April 2021.

Daniels faced four revised charges, including attempted rape, rape, and sexual assault.

During his arraignment on April 17, 2023, and re-arraignment on May 9, 2023, Daniels pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The prosecution alleged that the offenses violated Sections 260 (2) and 263 of the Lagos State 2015 Criminal Law.

However, in response to Bishop Daniels’ conviction, some members of the church expressed their belief that he had been treated unfairly due to his political affiliation. One church leader, Mrs. Peace, who identified herself as a leader in the evangelism and welfare unit, stated that she had faith in the pastor’s ability to overcome the situation. She believed that he was being victimized because of his outspoken criticism of the government. Mrs. Peace assured that during their fasting month, they would continue to pray for him even while he was in captivity.

On social media, another user named Ikokwu Chidozie Ikemba claimed that there was an internal war against the church.

In contrast, some members of the church questioned the validity of the accusations against the pastor. Mrs. Omopariola, a long-time worshipper at the church, questioned the lack of evidence and suggested the possibility of hidden cameras. She remained hopeful, stating that this was not the end and that God would intervene.

Other social media users expressed their skepticism towards the judgment, claiming that it was a means to silence those who spoke out against the government. They argued that any prophecy that did not favor the government would lead to arrests and false accusations.

However, there were also Nigerians who praised the judgment, viewing it as a necessary deterrent against religious leaders who exploit and oppress their members.

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