Catholic University Sacks Professor Who Invited “Abortion Doula” to Speak to Psychology Class

Catholic University Sacks Professor Who Invited "Abortion Doula" to Speak to Psychology Class

Catholic University Sacks Professor Who Invited “Abortion Doula” to Speak to Psychology Class

Catholic University Sacks Professor Who Invited "Abortion Doula" to Speak to Psychology Class

The Catholic University of America has terminated its contract with a professor who invited a speaker who told students that her work as a doula included helping men deliver babies — what she called “horse births” — and coaching pregnant women through abortions. 

On Jan. 23, Rachel Carbonneau spoke to students at the Washington, D.C.based institution after psychology lecturer Melissa Goldberg invited the Doula to address her class, Psychology 379: Lifespan Development. After the lecture, Catholic University promised that Carbonneau would not speak to the class again.

A Catholic University of America representative referred The Christian Post to a statement that President Peter Kilpatrick had given the community on the incident.

The president declared that after gathering proof that the course material did not conform to the school’s mission and identity, the Catholic University of America canceled its agreement with the instructor who had invited Carbonneau to address the students.

“As a Catholic institution, we are committed to promoting the full truth of the human person, and to protecting human life from conception to natural death. In our rigorous search for truth and justice, we engage at times with arguments or ideologies contrary to reason or to the Gospel,”  Kilpatrick stated.

“But we do so fully confident in the clarity afforded by the combined lights of reason and faith, and we pledge never to plead for sin or give a moral equivalent to error,” the statement continued. “As the life and virtue of St. Thomas Aquinas, whose feast we have just celebrated as a community, attests, such engagement with opposing ideas helps us both grow in our mastery of truth and respond to error with empathy, compassion, and mercy.”

A spokesman of Catholic University of America directed The Christian Post to a statement issued by President Peter Kilpatrick regarding the incident.

The president said that the Catholic University of America had revoked its contract with the lecturer who had invited Carbonneau to speak to the students after obtaining evidence that the course material did not align with the school’s mission and identity.

“Although we have not been able to confirm what exactly was said in class, we have determined that the speaker’s views on life issues and on the anthropology of the human person are not consistent with our mission and identity as a faithful Catholic university and that she should . . should not be allowed to address the class again,” Kilpatrick wrote.

In a recording provided to The Daily Signal last week, Carbonneau told a student who asked how abortion ties into her doula work that “This is a space I feel comfortable navigating.” The speaker is also heard on the recording saying that she works with trans clients.

“I have a few men who have given birth; it’s amazing. We call it horse birth,” the doula said. “It’s beautiful, especially when it’s a water birth; it’s amazing.”

At one point during the recording, Carbonneau encouraged students to “normalize” the idea of ​​”pregnant men,” which refers to pregnant women who identify as men.

”I’m just thinking of getting her back to normal, huh? Using the gender-neutral language, talking about pregnant men as pregnant people, pregnant women, pregnant men, pregnant people,” she said.

Like The Daily Wire reported, students were given a reading assignment that emphasized that phrases like “pregnant parent” are used since people who identify as transgender or non-binary can become pregnant if they have ovaries or a uterus. Another phrase from the assignment was “people who were assigned male at birth.”

“Here at Catholic University, we have the unique opportunity and shared blessing to seek truth, grow in faith and practice charity,” continued the university president. “Our studies aim to produce wisdom, which includes excellence in living and sharing the truth with others. May our common study help us understand life, love goodness, and promote and protect the dignity of the human person.”

Regarding her opinions on abortion, the instructor stated that, having attended the university herself, she is aware that her views on the matter conflicts with Catholic teachings.

“I work with so many folks who have had what we would consider elective abortions of some form that I have the honor and luxury of working with families who have had to make the most difficult decision of their whole life, the legal terminology, it’s an overwhelming choice you have to make,” Carbonneau remarked.

Kilpatrick encouraged those concerned about academic issues to contact a faculty member, department chair, dean or the provost’s office.



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