Arsenal Increased Pressure On Chelsea Ahead Of Leicester Clash – Tuchel

 Arsenal Increased Pressure On Chelsea Ahead Of Leicester Clash
– Tuchel


Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel,
has claimed Arsenal increased the pressure on his players ahead of Tuesday’s
Premier League clash against Leicester City.

The Blues lost 1-0 to Mikel
Arteta’s men last Thursday, denting their chance to cement a top-four place.

Tomorrow they face Leicester, who
have already beaten them in the FA Cup final and remain ahead of them in third
place on the table.

“Arsenal increased the pressure
for the game on Tuesday. Today was an isolated game, it has nothing to do with
the race for the top 4 or the Champions League final.

“Arsenal increased the pressure,
unfortunately, for Tuesday not this game. This was a different competition.

“If you have a group that arrives
in the final, a Champions League final and arrives from ninth placed to be in
the race for the top four, there’s no reason to doubt that we are not strong
enough to handle the situation,” Tuchel said after the FA Cup final.

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