70 dead bodies: We’ve been in fear since 2022 – Umnochi indigenous people

70 dead bodies: We've been in fear since 2022 - Umnochi indigenous people

Some indigenous peoples of Lokpanta, Isuoti and Lokpaukwu communities in Umnochi Municipality are supporting Governor Alex Otti in announcing the findings of the security agency’s investigation within the Lokpanta Cattle Market Forest Area.

Mr Otti said in his second media chat with journalists on Sunday night that security forces had discovered 70 bodies in the forest around the Lokpantha Cattle Market in Umunnochi Local Government Area, Umuchieze, adding that the gruesome discovery was reported by police. It was explained that the incident was carried out during a raid conducted by the police. Security agencies.

He added that the remains of unidentified victims were also found in the forest, as well as prostitution, ransom extortion and drug trafficking by criminals.

However, reacting to the governor’s statement, some indigenes in Umnochi LGAm who spoke to DAILY POST on Monday said they have been living in constant fear for about two years due to insecurity on their land, which they say is due to insecurity on their land. Otti’s report may be accurate, he said.

An indigene of Isuochi, who simply identified himself as Michael, claimed that the roads leading to Isuochi had become dangerous due to regular kidnapping activities by hoodlums.

Michael, a community leader in Isuoti, said the land is no longer safe for women and girls to cultivate their fields for fear of being kidnapped and raped by criminals.

He thanked Governor Alex Otti for initiating the security force Operation Crash, saying the initiative helped address the intolerable security situation in the region.

While Michael claimed that some of the freed kidnap victims died in their homes or in hospitals, some of the Isuochi indigenes were kidnapped by bandits while out or on their way to the area and held for ransom. He regretted that he was only released after paying a huge amount of money. A few days after being released, due to a disease they developed in captivity.

Further, the Isuoti indigenous people have claimed that a prominent father-in-law of the community who was allegedly kidnapped on his way to Isuoti in 2022 has not been found by his family till date. claimed that they may be among these residents. A decomposed corpse found in the forest.

A Lokpantha native, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he lived in fear for two years until Governor Otti took a bold step to address the situation.

According to him, “We lived in fear, afraid to enter the farm. What the governor said about the 70 bodies may not be far from the truth.

“Since this administration took office, we are gradually regaining our voice.”

Mr Ndu Felimon from Lokpauk said people were frequently robbed and kidnapped along the Federal Highway, especially those traveling at night.

He implored Otti to sustain his administration’s fight against crime in the LGA by pushing ahead with plans to normalize the market.

Mr. Salihu, a trader from the north who also spoke on the issue, said that genuine cattle dealers would never be involved in the market or harbor criminals, adding that his members would always allow the state government to He added that he was ready to help wipe out the criminals.

DAILY POST on Monday reported that more security checkpoints have been set up along the Okigwe-Relu-Lokpanta axis of the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway to ensure safety in the area.


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