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    Nnamdi Kanu: He Must Be Brought To Court - Igbo Lawyers

    Nnamdi Kanu: He Must Be Brought To Court - Igbo Lawyers

    Nnamdi Kanu: He Must Be Brought To Court - Igbo Lawyers

    A group known as the Igbo Lawyers Association (ILA) insists that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, must appear in court on October 21, the next postponed date for his trial.

    A jointly signed statement by V. C Onweremadu, Coordinator and Felix Jonathan, Secretary, ILA said that as a group, there was going to be no excuse for Kanu's unavailability in court that day.

    The statement read: “The Igbo Bar Association insists that Nnamdi Kanu must appear in court on October 21, 2021. As our group will have no excuse for his unavailability in court on this day.

    “We advise the security officers to respect the wishes of our people who are to sit at home that day and no one should be harmed, arrested or molested.

    “We emphasize that what the group yearns for is justice and a fair hearing for Nnamdi Kanu and his release from detention without further ado. Nnamdi Kanu has not committed any crimes known to the law due to his peaceful agitation, as the Federal Government has unfortunately not addressed them.

    “Today, the elders of the North have maintained a serious influence and a low-key deal with the FG to investigate the demands of the Bandits, Boko Haram and Monstrous Fulani Herdsmen and their demands are being quietly heeded, but IPOB does not deserve the mercy and the attention of the Government. Nigerian security agents are killing like flies those who effectively agitate / exercise their guaranteed constitutional rights to self-determination.

    “We advise the Government that Igbo lawyers, as a group, will send delegates of senior lawyers in solidarity that day.

    "Our people want to see Mazi Nnamdi Kanu safe and sound that day and consequently regain his freedom, which will substantially mitigate the growing tension in the Southeast."

    ILA said it will continue to fight for the just cause of the Igbo man anywhere in the country.

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