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    Why Buhari Did Not Speak On Lekki Shoot Out - Presidency

    Why Buhari Did Not Speak On Lekki Shoot Out - Presidency

    While unarmed Nigerians were carrying out peaceful protests at the Lekki toll gate Lagos, Tuesday night, so many lives were lost, as armed soldiers shot at protesters who were only carrying their nation's flags, agitating for end of police brutality and good governance.

    What many considered to be more annoying, is the fact that while people are crying out against police brutality, brutality from armed men against innocent Nigerian citizens, and such acts on inhuman treatment within the polity, the armed forces come out again to unleash such mayhem, instead of looking for ways to pacify the already aggrieved Nigerian youths.

    While many Nigerians were looking forward to the president to speak about the matter, and at least console families of the peaceful protesters who were massacred, it took long for the presidency to speak, a time when a well articulated speech could have quelled the ongoing protests, and agitations within the country, the president's speech however made no mention about the Lekki inbroglio.

    Many Nigerians have however, been very furious over the negligence by the president in saying anything whatsoever about the Lekki shootout, or for failing to show empathy with the victims during the long-awaited presidential broadcast, describing the omission as deliberate and insensitive.

    But his special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, who appeared on Politics Today, a Channel Televisions live show, said the president could not have said anything about the shooting because it was under investigation.

    According to him,

    President Muhammadu Buhari did not mention anything about the shooting of #ENDSARS protesters in Lekki on Tuesday night during a nationwide broadcast yesterday because it would be "premature and presumptuous."

    He said: “The Defense Headquarters issued a statement to say that it was investigating the matter. The Governor of Lagos State has also established an investigative panel to investigate what actually happened.

    “So the president could not have said anything because it would be premature and presumptuous while the investigation is ongoing. It is after the investigation is complete that he can speak on the matter. "

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